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dc2020q - mamamaze reversing

by anton00b

This was a jeopardy challenge, part of dc2020q. (CTFtime)

Points: 139
Was solved by: 33 teams
PCAPs: download

You may spawn the server:

On your laptop
  • Install docker
  • docker pull archiveooo/pub:mamamaze (docker-saved download)
  • docker run -d --name mamamaze archiveooo/pub:mamamaze
  • Local IP: docker inspect mamamaze -f '{{ .NetworkSettings.Networks.bridge.IPAddress }}'
  • Connect to that IP:7877 — Remember to docker rm -f when done.
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Since you had a lot of fun with BabyMaze, we created a new version: MamaMaze! The flag is on the wings of the flying plane. It is possible to get the flag without instrumenting or modifying the binary. Tested on Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu 18.04, and Ubuntu 20.04. You should use a system able to run the game at approximately 60 fps. It requires: sudo apt-get install freeglut3

Also checkout babymaze. Note: might take a couple extra minutes to start accepting connections.

line_weight MamaMaze


None yet :(
If you wish, you can contribute some.

There's an author-recommended writeup.