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dc2020q - nooopsled golf shellcoding

by zardus

This was a golf challenge, part of dc2020q. (CTFtime)

Points: 291
Was solved by: 7 teams
PCAPs: download

You may spawn the server:

On your laptop
  • Install docker
  • docker pull archiveooo/pub:nooopsled (docker-saved download)
  • docker run -d --name nooopsled archiveooo/pub:nooopsled
  • Local IP: docker inspect nooopsled -f '{{ .NetworkSettings.Networks.bridge.IPAddress }}'
  • Connect to that IP:5000 — Remember to docker rm -f when done.
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This was a golfing challenge

Golf challenges start with a very high score threshold, which periodically decreases until a team reaches it. At that point, the threshold is set for everyone and the challenge behaves like a regular jeopardy-style one. (Full rules).

Golf challenges borrow the speed element from 2019's speedrun format, rewarding teams that solve the challenge fast and lock the challenge threshold to a high value (where few teams will reach them, ensuring a high point value) but at a much slower pace. They also self-adjust both in difficulty (players set the final threshold) and in score (OOO's point system rewards challenges that are solved by few teams).

It's time to slide further into insanity. Threshold starts at 1, and after an 8-hour grace period, ticks up by 1 every 84 seconds.

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None yet :(
If you wish, you can contribute some.