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dc2021q - say-hellooo good_first_challenge easy recon

by zardus

This was a jeopardy challenge, part of dc2021q.

This challenge was represented as ☎️
Points: 101
Was solved by: 426 teams


Hello, and welcome to our game! We are so excited to hack with you today. How excited? Call Zardus on the telephone and find out! Seriously, call Zardus on the telephone and we'll give you the flag.

You don't need to call Zardus anymore, feel free to watch this video instead LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE:

Yes, we really did answer the phone in the first couple hours.


Hint 1Sometimes you have to take things literally.
Hint 2Tons of players tried to come up with a phone number based on the name, call on Discord, post phone emojis, ... But no, you really had to call.
Hint 3Base web recon will get you the phone number.

If you wish, you can contribute more.

Further (spoilery) pointers

For people unable to callYes, we did provide answers for players who DM'd us the number.