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dc2021q - smart-cryptooo ml easy crypto

by zardus

This was a jeopardy challenge, part of dc2021q. (CTFtime)

This challenge was represented as 🧠
Points: 343
Was solved by: 5 teams
This challenge is solved offline, there's no server side component.


Existing encryption schemes are just too dumb. OOO is here to change that!

Added our philosophy html page as it existed at the time. The astute reader will notice that we hadn't yet revealed Jay would be joining us and authoring challenges.

line_weight https___oooverflow.io_philosophy.html-secret.enc line_weight line_weight https___oooverflow.io_philosophy.html-as-it-was-at-the-time


Hint 1The flag is in the encrypted file but not its plaintext source -- make sure to use the original, pre-modification plain-text that is attached here

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