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dc2019q - speedrun-005 pwn speedrun

by adamd

This was a speedrun challenge, part of dc2019q.

Points: 5
Was solved by: 56 teams

You may spawn the server:

On your laptop
  • Install docker
  • docker pull archiveooo/pub:speedrun-005 (docker-saved download)
  • docker run -d --name speedrun-005 archiveooo/pub:speedrun-005
  • Local IP: docker inspect speedrun-005 -f '{{ .NetworkSettings.Networks.bridge.IPAddress }}'
  • Connect to that IP:31337 — Remember to docker rm -f when done.
On your laptop (full source)
  • Install docker and pip install PyYAML coloredlogs
  • git clone
  • cd speedrun-005
  • ./spawner --log-level=INFO
  • Connect to the ip:port displayed
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This is a speedrun challenge! [ Game leaderboard ]

The first team to solve it got 25 points, with points decreasing in value to 5 points awarded to all solvers below the fourth place. 300, 200, and 100 points were awarded to the lowest total solving time across all speedruns (full rules).

Speedruns were released every two hours during the competition, and got progressively harder. They were a way to evaluate how quickly teams could set themselves up and rewarded automation and quick thinking. We don't record times on the archive and always assign 5 points (the challenges were released a long time ago, after all :D), but they still serve as a simple measure of how fast you can be compared to skilled players.

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Spoilers ahead! Code for this challenge is publicly available.