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dc2020q - welcome-to-dc2020-quals welcoming

by ooo

This was a jeopardy challenge, part of dc2020q.

Points: 100
Was solved by: 1394 teams


Welcome to the 2020 DEF CON CTF quals! Let's start it out with an (almost-)free flag in the file below :)

As always an easy intro to start things off -- both to check that proof-of-work solving is working correctly and for players to know that they can reach the scoreboard correcly.

Secretly, there's a real service behind this item: an ssh-enabled container that we use for testing "in production" -- we just don't give anybody the IP, and you wouldn't have the private key anyway :)

line_weight welcome.txt


Hint 1There are other ways to read a file other than cat ;-) [ thanks sin9yt ]

If you wish, you can contribute more.