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dc2020q - welcome-video misc welcoming

by OOO

This was a jeopardy challenge, part of dc2020q. (CTFtime)

Points: 100
Was solved by: 756 teams


Welcome! Flag format for this challenge is stricter than default: 'OOO{' + '_'.join(video_hints) + '}', regex ^OOO{[a-z0-9_]*}$.

Perhaps you are reading this when the coronavirus is just a past memory (hello future player) but... it was a bad year.

Quals always happen online, but we postponed to give everyone more time to adjust and prepare. We were also remotely connected, of course, and this was one of our ways to get close to each other and to players.

As one of us put it: "I'm going to miss having you guys on my TV" :)

Note that both "OOO{" and "}" have a segment in the video.


Hint 1Don't read too much into the video segments, this challenge was intended to just be a welcome to players. If you're struggling in interpreting a part, you might just be thinking too hard.
Hint 2The hardest segment is probably Tiffany's -- what alphabet is that?
Hint 3Pay attention to the Regex. What characters are allowed?

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