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dc2021f - zero-is-you game finals

by Balzaroth

This was a King-of-the-Hill challenge, part of dc2021f.

Points: 1,000
This challenge is solved offline, there's no server side component.



This challenge was part of the finals

During finals, scoring happens per-round based on attack (steal flags from others) and defense (patch the service to prevent others from pwning you) points. Patching is not currently simulated on the archive, but keep in mind that most services only allowed a limited amount of bytes to be changed from the original binary. Scoring rules for 2019 2020 2021.

King of the Hill points are also awarded per-round, with only the top-ranking teams getting points.

Teams were informed of game events, with redacted info on the last day. In 2019 players could see traffic pcaps only after some time, in 2020 and 2021 they had the choice the stealth their traffic or not (for half the points).

Shall we play a game? Why not! Inspired by Baba Is You, OOO's Game Development Division is proud to launch its newest interactive experience. Live the life of master hacker Zero as they navigate the world of x86 and beyond! See you in the world of Zero Is You!
This is a King of the Hill, where your standing is determined by the number of levels you solve. Why are you still reading it? Go hack!

Play at

SPECIAL! During the game, a server was in charge of releasing levels. Instead of replicating that, we're releasing a stand-alone version so you can play at will on your laptop, and made it a homepage too!


None yet :(
If you wish, you can contribute some.